Genuine Results

“Before each pilates session, I say, ‘Shall I skip or run to Pilates?’ Truly, I delight in each movement session with Jayne at Saratoga Pilates. This is because of Jayne’s presence, wisdom, and steady encouragement with her clear instruction and passion for pilates movement. My body feels stronger, my mind is clearer, and I sense a transformative shift in my relationship to myself. As a mother, massage therapist, and movement facilitator, the simple hour spent at Saratoga Pilates supports in carrying and energizing my whole being the rest of the week.” – Amy Lee Czadzeck

“Saratoga Pilates offers lessons in a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere. Jayne is a caring instructor who will personalize the workout to the student’s needs. And she makes it fun!”-Beth Hoffer

“I have been taking pilates instruction with Jayne for over 7 years and it has improved my balance, alignment, and overall core strength. More than that, it has helped me be stronger and better at the other activities I love, like running, skiing and hiking. Because I work all parts of my body in Pilates, I get benefits from the exercises that extend to everything else I do. Pilates will make you stronger, more flexible, and more in balance, and it will improve your fitness level for other physical activities.” – Ruthann

” Through the Pilates method of body conditioning this unique trinity of a balanced body, mind and spirit can ever be attained. Self confidence follows” – Joseph Pilates